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Five Questions To Ask Before Buying an Amazon Seller Account

February 28, 2023
top five questions to ask before buying an amazon seller account

You’re ready to enter the marketplace with a blank slate, poised to compete. Opening up a new Amazon Seller account is easy, but not always simple. What if I told you that there was a way to position yourself so that you were not starting from scratch? What if your account already had feedback ratings, a great payout schedule, and is open to selling in many categories? Good news, right? All those benefits are available when buying a pre-made Amazon Seller account.

Before your leap, let’s ask (and answer) the top FIVE Questions:

  1. Contact us to see a list of Available Amazon seller accounts.
  2. We will arrange a “real-time” conversation with our account manager
  3. You will be able to view and examine the account(s) to help narrow your decision.
  4. Once your interest in a specific account has been confirmed, our legal team will draw up a contract
  5. We accept many payment methods including Wire/SWIFT/SEPA, and Direct Bank Transfer.
  6. As your sales partner, we will facilitate the transfer by creating a new user name(s), passwords, and 2-factor identification
  7. You will have unrestricted access to your new account.
  8. When complete, your personal data will be deleted. We NEVER store your personal information.
  9. The entire process may take approximately 3-5 days.
  10. We will send you a bill of sale, and a payment receipt via email.

You’re in the RIGHT PLACE! The team at AIA Assets offers a variety of Amazon Seller accounts in different price ranges, with different features. Best of all? We provide full transparency, security, and top-level customer support. We are not brokers. All accounts we offer are ready for sales: authentic, active, and created by real people or legal entities. Many of our accounts are ungated and all come with stellar feedback and great payout schedules. Each account comes with the AIA Assurance Guarantee®.

  • REVIEWS. An aged account has a sales history and seller feedback.
  • PAYOUTS & RESERVE. Some of our aged accounts come with no reserve and daily payouts!
  • OPEN CATEGORIES. With an “aged” account, you will have categories ungated, and unrestricted access to many of the most famous brands.
  • ACCOUNTS WITH SALES HISTORY. No worries about velocity suspensions!
  • FULLY VERIFIED ACCOUNTS. All the accounts we sell are “professional”, active, and will not have to undergo the verification process again!

All communication is kept secure and private, through encrypted messenger services such as Whatsapp or Telegram. Credit cards (charge methods) are kept encrypted. For deposit methods, you will be entering your preferred deposit method.

ACCESS. Selling on Amazon allows you to enter the world’s largest marketplace. With an extra Seller account, you’ll be able to diversify your risk, and have multiple stores to sell your brands and products.

HASSLE-FREE. It’s easy to sell on Amazon. You don’t have to worry about payment gateways or tax collection, and if you sell on FBA – no worries about logistics!

EXPAND YOUR PORTFOLIO. Add to your investment portfolio and grow your customer-base with a healthy, well-established Amazon Account.

JungleScout states that 78% of Amazon sellers are profitable. With that statistic in mind, there is a high potential for success. Buying an aged Amazon account gives you a competitive advantage. To see the accounts we currently have for sale, schedule a phone chat with our sales manager!

Ready To Buy an Amazon Seller Account?