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General Inquiries

We are always here to help guide you, advise you and answer any questions. Contact us to schedule a call with an account manager.
Transfers are usually completed within 2 -5 business days. Once payment is completed, all the business details, credit card info, bank account details and address will be updated.
For the duration of the transfer, your information and any personal info will be encrypted and are kept strictly confidential on our secure servers. Once the transfer is complete, we will delete all your personal data from our system – leaving NO trace.
Yes! It is completely within Amazon’s Terms of Service to buy or sell Amazon Seller Accounts. In fact, we receive authorization from Amazon before each account transfer.You will receive a bill of sale and a purchase agreement. During the transfer process, all your personal details will be changed to the details of the new account owner. This means that after the account is sold, it will be legitimately used by the new account owner.
Product reviews do not transfer, but Store Feedback stays with the seller account. That’s the advantage! You’re purchasing a store with great feedback! Which helps improve customer trust in your new account.

Buyer Questions

In order to purchase an account you will need to have a budget of anywhere between $5K – 20k.
We are not brokers, and we do not charge any brokerage fees. Upon closing, your purchase prices will be the only fee you pay.
We accept bank transfer and other payment methods such as Wire/SWIFT/SEPA. Contact us for more information!
Yes, you can review any Amazon account during a live Zoom, or Skype call. No cost. No obligation.
Amazon has made it progressively more challenging to open up new Seller accounts which is why active accounts are valuable. Purchasing an aged account allows you to start selling online with ZERO delays. If you have the budget and are looking to expand your portfolio, then reach out to us to purchase an established Amazon Business.

Seller Questions

Yes! If you have an active seller account, but with no actual revenue, you can still sell your account to us. In fact, this is EXACTLY what makes AIA different. We are very happy to buy brand new accounts and not necessarily established businesses.
You may proceed with the sale of your Amazon Account despite policy violations only if your account is CURRENTLY active (not deactivated). In other words, it should be possible to list and sell products from your Amazon seller account.
Yes, you may sell your account with brand registry and trademarks. This is one of the factors that may impact the value of your business.
We buy Amazon seller accounts in every marketplace. USA, UK, Europe, and even Japan and Australia.
Our valuation process involves absolutely no pressure to sell your business. You make the final decision. In some cases, we may suggest to clients that they wait until the time is right for them to sell.
It usually takes 1 to 2 business days for the money to be transferred to your bank account after an agreement on the account price is made.

We’re Here to Help

Seller? Receive a free seller account valuation and “sell-ability” analysis of your Amazon account.
Buyer? We can help you find the seller account that suits your needs and budget.