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Can Chat GPT Help You Grow Your Sales On Amazon?

February 26, 2023
CHAT GPT to grow sales on Amazon

Chat GPT made a splash in the marketing world when it was launched in November 2022. Since then, everyone has been speculating on its applications in the world of marketing, from the jobs it’ll supposedly deem obsolete to its potential to create new revenue streams and may even be instrumental in reinventing the way the world uses the internet. But it shouldn’t be all doom and gloom when talking about Chat GPT because it could be the tool you need to grow your sales on Amazon. In this article, we’ll break down Chat GPT and see if it can help you grow your sales on Amazon.

What Is Chat GPT And How Does It Work?

Chat GPT stands for Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer. It’s a product of OpenAI, a major player in the artificial intelligence space. What makes Chat GPT a truly unique AI is its interactive chat interface. It allows you to enter your prompts into a chat box and generates responses in chat format. Chat GPT also “remembers” the conversation and allows you to modify your prompts in the chat and have a “conversation” with it.

Applications Of Chat GPT As A Tool For Amazon Sellers

Chat GPT is more than a “conversation AI.” Sure, it uses the chat interface, but think of it as chatting with a 700 I.Q super genius. Chat GPT can perform many tasks, from simple conversations to generating usable code. Among all the tasks that Chat GPT is capable of are tasks that can be helpful to Amazon sellers. Let’s look at these tasks.

Product Research

Chat GPT can come in handy when incorporated into your product research strategy. The AI can help you identify the product categories that sell best to a particular demographic. For example, here are the product categories that would interest an audience of 25-40-year-old middle-high income males:

Alternatively, you can use Chat GPT to identify the demographic that would be interested in a particular product, then have it segment the audience into different groups so you can formulate a marketing strategy that speaks to each of these groups. For example, here’s Chat GPT in action breaking down the target demographic for protein powder.

Keyword Research

Proper keyword research is crucial to your success on Amazon, and Chat GPT can do the heavy lifting by suggesting high-volume keywords for your product. For example, let’s say you sell protein powder. All you have to do is ask Chat GPT to give you a list of high-volume keywords you can use when selling protein powder on Amazon.

Chat GPT can also make competitor analysis easier by helping you identify the common keywords that your competitors use in their listings. Going back to our protein powder example, we asked Chat GPT to list the most common keywords that protein powder sellers use in their Amazon product listings. This was the result:

If you want to dig deeper into your keyword research, Chat GPT will be right there with you, helping you expand existing keyword lists and even suggesting long-tail keywords you can use in your listing. Long-tail keywords tend to be more specific and have higher buyer intent, meaning they will bring in high-quality traffic of shoppers ready to make a purchase. We asked Chat GPT to give us a list of long-tail keywords for protein powder, and this was the result:

Product Listing Optimization

Listing optimization is a core task in Amazon selling. Your listing quality has a direct impact on your sales on Amazon. Chat GPT can perform several tasks related to Amazon product listing, from giving insight into Amazon product listing optimization best practices to creating listing copy from scratch. It’s a comprehensive listing optimization tool that you need in your arsenal to help you create kickass listings. For example, here’s Chat GPT in action breaking down Amazon’s general listing guidelines:

We tried creating a product listing’s bullet points section with Chat GPT. First, we entered the basic prompt that included the character count, the number of bullet points, and the keywords. This

is what Chat GPT generated:

As you can see, these bullet points, though decently articulated, are far from ready for an Amazon listing. We need to format them into the “Feature: Benefit” format that performs well on Amazon. So, we asked Chat GPT to recreate the bullet points in an “Amazon-friendly” format. Here is the result:

Now we’re getting somewhere, the bullet points are perfectly formatted for Amazon, but there’s one problem. Amazon has a character limit of 250 characters per bullet point. We added that parameter in our first query, but then, Chat GPT decided to stay on the safe side by generating bullet points that are about 150 characters long. Using these bullet points as they are won’t utilize the allowed bullet point character count properly. So, we asked Chat GPT to expand the bullet points to 220 characters and capitalize the product features in line with Amazon’s guidelines. It came up with this:

And voila! Five perfect bullet points that you can use in your listing. You may need to tweak the bullet points for readability and give them a bit of a human touch, but Chat GPT did all the heavy lifting!

Creating Ad Copy And Scripts

Just as Chat GPT can help you create product listings copy, it can also help you create ad copy and scripts. When creating ad copy, you’d have to input essential parameters such as how many lines you need, the tone of voice, and the character count. For this experiment, we tasked Chat GPT with creating a script for a 20-second Amazon video ad for protein powder. Here is the script it generated:

Not too shabby, right?

Verdict: Can Chat GPT Help Improve Sales On Amazon?

Yes, Chat GPT can help you improve sales on Amazon. Although it doesn’t contribute directly to your sales, Chat GPT helps you automate critical tasks that directly impact your sales, such as ad creation, keyword research, and listing optimization. It also saves you a ton of time by doing the heavy lifting for you and performing tasks in minutes that would otherwise take you a few hours to perform manually. although it’s crucial to remember there will be some aspects of Amazon listing creation that will always require a human touch, Will you be incorporating Chat GPT in your day-to-day Amazon selling tasks?

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