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Who is AIA Amazon Intelligent Accounts? AIA ASSETS?

February 25, 2022
who is aia assets

AIA Behind The Scenes
We are entrepreneurs…just like you!

With a decade of experience in the Amazon space, we’ve been around the block and back. Without a doubt, there is a LOT of money to be made selling private-label products. Amazon offers the advantage of a gigantic customer base, with no need to drive your traffic. However, selling on Amazon is not always smooth sailing. There are random algorithm changes, suspensions, unexpected fees, hijackers, etc. Over the years, we have helped many people in the seller community with compliance challenges including appeals and POA (Plans of Action).

So that’s when we had an idea…

There was a large vacuum in the Amazon industry that needed to be filled. So, using our Amazon intelligence – garnered from years of selling online we started Amazon Intelligent Accounts – AIA ASSETS. Fast Forward to Today… Thousands of people want to start selling online – yet struggle to open an account. And it’s only getting harder and harder to get started on Amazon. Meanwhile – there are thousands of accounts not being used – as their owners are pursuing other businesses or simply never really got started.

It’s harder than it looks

Finding a buyer for your account by yourself, through Facebook groups or seller forums is definitely not advisable. Do you really trust a stranger on the internet to wire your funds for an account that may be worth a few thousand dollars? And..Finding someone to BUY an account from is a challenge. If the process is not done correctly it could lead to immediate suspension or risk reverting details to the former owner with no way for you, the new owner, to access the account…

AIA ASSETS to the Rescue! Secure, Smooth and Worry-Free Transactions

Ready to purchase an Amazon Seller Account from AIA Assets? We have premium-aged accounts for sale! We purchase Amazon accounts directly from Amazon Sellers. We make sure that they are in great health and have favorable assets like great disbursement terms and ungated for popular brands and categories. With much trial and error, we have refined our process to ensure that there can be a transfer of ownership with no hiccups or interference from Amazon. Ready for the best part? We offer a money-back guarantee that each account your purchase is ready for selling – the moment you close the deal!

Did you know that your Amazon seller account has value? If you are an account owner looking to sell your aged Amazon account and make money simultaneously – you’ve come to the right place. Let us evaluate YOUR Amazon seller account – we’ll make you an offer ON THE SPOT and will immediately wire funds directly to your bank account.

Make some money off your Amazon seller account, OR invest in some prime digital real estate today!

Looking forward to connecting! Feel free to reach out!
Israel Shushan, Founder

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