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AIA Visits White Label Expo

March 12, 2022
AIA Assets Visits White Label Expo

March 2-3, 2022 marked a new milestone for the Amazon Intelligent Accounts Team! We hopped on a plane and traveled from Israel to London for the annual White Label Expo Series.

In the magnificent and outstanding ExCel London Exhibition Center, we joined other Amazon professionals. It was an opportunity to meet industry leaders such as Getida and Refund Pro which offer reimbursement services. Other Amazon Support services such as logistics, packaging, sourcing, and everything in between were there at the show. It was the place to be!

What are the Benefits of Attending a Trade Show?

  1. Two years of covid-related travel restrictions are nearly over! Being able to attend a trade show, and talking with other colleagues (mask off!) was a liberating experience!
  2. The Amazon Seller Eco-system is ENORMOUS!! The opportunities to enter the marketplace, with an unlimited source of product ideas, are mind-boggling!
  3. The team at AIA loved being able to share our revolutionary and unique services with clients! Many were unaware that Amazon Seller Accounts can be purchased and sold!
  4. It was great to network with global industry professionals! We can begin to form relationships, share our knowledge base and develop professional relationships.

Lessons Learned from White Label Expo

  1. Fostering relationships – Since returning from our trade show, I’ve been in touch with many new “friends” that I made! It’s not always about networking! It’s about shared experiences, and interests. Ultimately, it’s the ability to learn about the infinite number of creative and unique businesses that exist!
  2. Meeting “strangers” spurs Creativity – There’s something energizing about approaching the event participants to talk passionately about AIA Assets. It’s great to listen to their questions, hear divergent thoughts and have intelligent conversations!
  3. Making Every Second Count – There’s only a moment to attract someone to visit my booth and listen to my pitch. Our skilled team engaged visitors and transmitted vital information to each of the guests.

I am so happy our team embraced the opportunity to attend this trade show! I hope that you were able to benefit from this awesome experience. Please feel free to share any valuable tricks and tips you may have learned from attending trade shows!

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