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Did your Amazon Seller Account Fail Verification?

May 3, 2022

Did you know:

  • New Amazon sellers need to pass the verification process?
  • Some active sellers undergo secondary verification.

Here are some things you need to know:

  • Even experienced Amazon sellers fail  verification
  • Amazon can ask for verification documents at their discretion
  • Of the many reasons, verification can fail because of poor quality or the wrong documentation
  • If suspended, do not attempt to open a new account
  • Do not let your professional account go dormant, it may trigger a request for secondary verification

What Do Amazon Sellers Need to PASS Verification?

Take the Amazon application and verification process seriously. Years ago, with one piece of identification and a valid credit card, anyone could open an Amazon business. With the hope of passive income, a casual business owner could successfully run an Amazon store.

Maintain a serious and active business presence. Establish processes and procedures for preserving documentation – such as invoices, rental agreements, utility bills, etc. All documentation must match the name and physical location of the premises where the business is operated. Amazon only wants professional sellers in its arena.

Why Do Amazon Sellers Fail Verification?

Your documents MUST all be perfect matches (middle names, dates, birthdates, LLC, bank account numbers, etc.)

  • Utility bills – A PHYSICAL address is required and must 100% match all other supporting documentation
  • Translations – Ensure that documentation is professionally translated and notarized!
  • State / Country Identification – make sure all names, dates, etc. match all other submitted documentation
  • Bank Account – must be in the same name as the legal entity
  • Incorporation Documentation – ensure that the name of the company (LTD, LLC, etc.) is a perfect match to utility bills, credit card statements, and any other identification you are submitting
  • Legibility – All scans should be clear, unedited, with no redaction (do not take pictures from a telephone)

What Should You Do if Your Amazon Account is “UNDER REVIEW?” or “REJECTED”

Amazon seller account under review

The team at AIA can help review your documentation BEFORE you submit it. We will detect any discrepancies allowing you time to assemble updated and correct paperwork so that you have a better chance of passing the verification process.

If rejected, there’s still an opportunity to pass verification. Be forewarned: There may be a time limit (up to 30 days) so move quickly.

At AIA, we help clients pass the verification process. We speak “AMAZONESE”. We have the expertise and knowledge of how to prepare and submit supporting documentation so that you can start selling as soon as possible.

What Can You Do If You’ve Failed the Amazon Verification Process?

If your Amazon account failed verification, you may have received an email from Amazon that may look like this:

If Amazon has repeatedly asked to submit documentation, but they have received conflicting, incorrect, illegible documentation. Because even the slightest discrepancy can cause your submissions to fail inspection, then your chances of opening selling on Amazon are nil to none.

Here’s what you SHOULD not do:

Do NOT open a second Amazon Account. Amazon has sophisticated technology that can detect linked or related accounts and if you choose to open an account with the same identification, utility bills, etc., Amazon will immediately suspend the account.

Here’s what you SHOULD do:

Reach out to the team at AIA ASSETS to purchase a fully verified, premium seller account. With accounts primed and ready to go, it’s easy to jump into an already-established Amazon Seller Account business with no setbacks or delays.

Ready To Buy an Amazon Seller Account?