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Five Reasons to Purchase an Aged Amazon Seller Account

April 30, 2022
top five questions to ask before buying an amazon seller account

Imagine: Your Amazon seller account is suspended for selling inauthentic goods.

Imagine: Your Amazon seller account is suspended due to unexpected shipping delays (FBM merchants)

Suspension. A seller’s nightmare. During this suspension, funds are inaccessible.

Did you know: Every day Amazon sellers wake up to their worst nightmare – a suspended Amazon account. Is there a solution? Is there a way to recover the lost sales?

If you’re facing suspension, the appeal team at Axelligence can help with account reinstatements. And while you wait, the team at AIA Assets would like to provide you with some hope, some optimism, and some options so that YOU can keep your Amazon business selling!

5 Reasons to Buy an Existing Amazon Seller Account

When you purchase an “aged” or existing premium Amazon Seller account, you are purchasing the credentials and credibility. What does that mean?

  1. REVIEWS. A premium account has a sales history and seller feedback. For example, seller behavior continues on to the newly purchased account. Customers feel confident that they’re purchasing a product from a seller with references. This gives you an advantage over the competition
  2. PAYOUTS & RESERVE. It stands to reason that Amazon would keep your selling funds on reserve, and hold back payouts. Customer returns hover at over 50% of purchases, and by keeping funds on reserve, Amazon can “hold” YOUR money to refund customers. But, did you know: that high-quality aged accounts may come with no reserve and daily payouts? Now, that’s awesome!
  3. OPEN CATEGORIES. Fierce competition triggers Amazon to be selective about who can sell, and what can be sold. Want to sell toys? You’ll have to go through ungating the toy category first. Passion for selling Disney branded merchandise? Think about choosing another great brand that you’re able to sell without an enormous investment. With an “aged” account, you will have categories ungated, and unrestricted access to many of the most famous brands. Without jumping through hoops to get there!
  4. ACCOUNTS WITH SALES HISTORY. Buy today, sell tomorrow! You do not have to worry about facing sales volume suspensions requiring the submission of documentation, and then waiting for the feedback to come through. When you purchase an “aged” account you will never face a velocity suspension!
  5. FULLY VERIFIED ACCOUNTS. All the accounts we sell are “professional”, active, and will not have to undergo the verification process again! Accounts are available in all marketplaces ready and waiting for YOU!

Ready to Make a Purchase?

Whether you’re just launching into the Amazon ecosystem, or have your feet firmly planted as an Amazon Seller, the team at AIA-assets truly believes in the benefits of owning an “aged” seller account. If you see these benefits too, call us for a phone consultation and a free Amazon seller account valuation! Or reach out to us by email at We’d love to help you find your niche and make your profits being an Amazon Seller!

Ready To Buy an Amazon Seller Account?