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Amazon Seller Account Suspensions 101

October 10, 2023
amazon suspensions 101

In this week’s chapter, we’re going to cover Amazon Seller Account Suspensions. It’s the final chapter of our performance health series! Have no fear….Next week we will begin our new series, “All about Product Listings”.

Over this series of articles, we’ve done an in-depth review of the performance health dashboard. Knowing the ins and outs is crucial to seller success. Failure to abide by Amazon’s target metrics, terms of service, or Amazon’s policies could put your account at risk of suspension. In this last chapter about the Performance Health dashboard, we’re going to talk about every seller’s nightmare –  Suspensions – and what you can do about it!

What is a Suspended Amazon Seller account?

Suspended accounts can’t make sales, nor give out disbursements. Although you have access to your message board and inventory and will need to fulfill orders, your account is dormant and your selling privileges are suspended (hopefully temporarily).

The most common types of suspensions: 

  1. Poor product quality (leading to buyer complaints)
  2. Opening more than one Amazon Seller Account (Related
  3. Accounts)
  4. Order Defect Rate (Failure to fulfill orders, canceling orders, or not providing accurate tracking information)Inauthentic or counterfeit items
  5. Intellectual property violations
  6. Review manipulation

Amazon is a customer-centric platform. What does that mean?  Your obligation as a seller is to continually monitor and review your account health, respond to messages and follow up on feedback and reviews. Remedy the problem BEFORE you face a suspension.

Can Seller Accounts be Reinstated?

Regardless of the type of suspension, you will need to create a Plan of Action A plan of action has three components:

  • Root cause  – showing an in-depth understanding of what caused the suspension
  • Immediate Corrective actions – detail changes that have immediately taken place
  • Future preventative action – how this will never occur again.

Tips on creating the BEST Plan of action (and account reinstatement, the first time):

    • Identify your error, admit it, and take responsibility.
  2. Stay FOCUSED throughout
    • Address each problem individually and include specific information such as ASINS, customer feedback, supplier details, and invoices.
    • If you have hired a new QA assessor, manager, etc. include their name and date of hire
  4. Demonstrate KNOWLEDGE 
    • Show Amazon your awareness of WHICH policies were violated (add specific links that highlight the policy violations)
    • If you’ve provided new training for your employees, share the Amazon Seller University links – and add dates
    • Amazon employees likely see hundreds of plans of action per day. Use bullet points, numbers and keep your Plan of Action focused and easy to read

toolbox_tips1 amazon seller suspensions

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our series on Dashboard tips! Next week, we will begin our new series about Product Listings:


  • Selling Applications
  • Selling Categories
  • Restricted Products

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