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Can I Buy An Amazon Seller Account?

January 26, 2023
buying an Amazon seller account from AIA Assets

YES! Buying an Amazon Account is a purchase of digital real estate. You have the option to buy an Amazon seller account just like you would buy a brick-and-mortar store. Let’s take a moment to compare an Amazon Account to a physical storefront.

Imagine: You’re standing at a busy street corner, with tons of foot traffic. Customers are entering and exiting stores, shopping bags in hand. One store is vacant. You peer into the windows and you see empty shelves. You can easily imagine shelves filled with attractive merchandise, the cash register chiming with every purchase. This store is a potential goldmine. It’s a turnkey business. The location is ideal, your captive audience of customers is present, interior fixtures are installed, and all you need to do is open the door. Let’s talk about it!

How is Buying an Amazon Seller Account Like Purchasing Digital Real Estate?

  1. Reputation: Just like a well-run store will have a loyal customer base, a well-established Amazon seller account has value. An account with good seller feedback lets customers know that you are a trustworthy seller. While getting feedback is a challenge for a new seller, an aged account assists in credibility, which is a very valuable asset.
  2. Limited availability: The number of high-performing retail locations in any given city is limited. 2021, there were over 6 million sellers on Amazon (and that doesn’t account for the number of rejected selling applications). For sellers unable to open a new account, buying an established account allows them to enter selling on the platform with ease.
  3. Investment opportunity: Instead of starting from scratch, buying an established account is a safe investment opportunity. Many of our accounts are ungated, which means – no application and preapproval process is necessary for many brands and many products! You’ll have access to unrestricted categories and open brands.
  4. Diversifying Risk: Imagine your entire business is based in one location. Don’t keep your eggs in only one basket! Spreading to many baskets is a consistently prudent strategy. No worries about suspensions. If you have more than one Amazon account, your business will keep running!

Why Should I Buy An Amazon Account?

Lots of reasons!!

  1. You already have an Amazon Account, but would like to sell dramatically different items, or even have a brand and would like to open a new one. Opening a second account keeps you distinguishable from your first, this way keeping your entities separate.
  2. Worried about Amazon’s continuing changing policies? Primary account suspended? With a backup account, you can keep selling, while working on your primary account’s reinstatement. Why risk your whole business?
  3. Get paid faster! It stands to reason that Amazon would keep your selling funds on reserve, and hold back payouts. Knowing that customer returns hover at over 50% of purchases, by keeping funds on reserve, Amazon can “hold” YOUR money to refund customers. But, did you know: that high-quality aged accounts may come with no reserve and daily payouts? Now, that’s awesome!

Buying an aged Amazon seller account can be a valuable asset for your business, and the similarities between buying an Amazon seller account and buying physical real estate make it a viable investment opportunity for those expanding their footprint in the e-commerce market. Reach out to the team AIA Assets to help you decide which account fits your needs. With a loyal client base, we offer full transparency to our customers with every purchase.

Ready To Buy an Amazon Seller Account?