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Should You Use a CHATBOT to Optimize Product Listings?

January 26, 2023
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If the first few weeks of 2023 are any indication of what the rest of 2023 has in store for us, then we’d better get ready because the AI / CHATBOT experience has not only knocked on our door but barged into every aspect of our lives! So, here’s the ultimate question – Should you use an automation tool to optimize your product lisitngs?

Many websites have already added Chatbots to enhance the customer experience. In 2017, the Whole Foods Chatbot was able to maintain a nearly 45-minute conversation with a customer – including recipes, shopping suggestions, and cooking tips. Although this chatbot was manually programmed and did not generate content, it was able to answer a variety of different responses that kept the customer engaged. Now that Chatbot/AI has arrived, automating and generating (in record time) content ranging from essays to blogs, and everything in between. This is reality.

Are there applications for the e-commerce world that would benefit from using a chatbot? At AIA Assets, we live and breathe Amazon, so the first idea that popped into our collective consciousness was using AI / CHATBOT to Optimize Amazon Product Descriptions.

Save Time and Effort

Using Open AI to write product descriptions can save time and effort by automating the process of creating high-quality and engaging descriptions. Imagine how useful this could be if you have many products to list! The AI model will be able to generate descriptions that are tailored to each product’s unique features and benefits – much quicker than any person!

In fact, taking into consideration competition, SEO techniques and keyword optimization, AI should not be overlooked as the first step in writing A+ Content, and product descriptions for your products on Amazon.

Open AI’s language generation capabilities can help to ensure that the descriptions are grammatically correct, easy to read, and optimized for search engines.

What are some of the keys to writing the best Amazon Product descriptions?

1. Define your target audience

Think about the features that are most beneficial for your target buyer. Your descriptions will highlight the features and benefits.

2. Keep it simple

Remember: Buyers don’t want to read through a whole paragraph of text. Make sure descriptions and product listings are vivid, clear and easy to understand. Use natural, conversational language.

3. Think Visually

A picture tells 1000 words and probably makes the sale much more than your descriptions. Spend time and effort creating beautiful images for your products.

4. Don’t Forget Keywords!

Your listings have two objectives: being recognized by Amazon’s algorithm and, more importantly, your customers. Use online tools to help with competitor research and learn the best-performing keywords for your products.

5. Create & Test (and Test Again)

All of the different elements on the product listing page work together on Amazon. Missing any of them will lead to your product listing looking incomplete and could affect your sales. Write a description that really shows shoppers why your product is the best one online.

Final Words…

Whether you’re selling groceries or private-label cosmetics, high-quality product listings are the secret sauce to getting sales on Amazon. When it comes to optimizing listings, keywords, or even SEO, AI has the ability to scour and search at an alarmingly fast rate. AI can do the tedious work, allowing each writer to be more productive, and especially allowing business with large product catalogues to scale and publish items more quickly.

For now, handing off Amazon product listing creation to an AI may be quick, but it should be reviewed for quality, accuracy and helpfulness before publishing it “as-is”.

What are your thoughts? Have you used CHAT / AI to create product descriptions? Let us know!



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