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Amazon Account Health Dashboard

January 22, 2023
performance health dashboard


We know that the Amazon Account Health dashboard can be daunting. Let’s break it down and start a conversation about Policy Compliance and what you should be looking for to keep your account healthy.

Product Authenticity Customer Complaints

Product authenticity issues can plague even the most well-meaning of sellers. Continue reading to see how to better understand, and avoid getting into, these potential violations.

Any of these complaints about customers’ orders could lead to a policy violation and put your account at risk:

  • Inaccurate website description. In addition to color, size, pattern, and texture, this can include product language, country version, model, etc.
  • Wrong item sent
  • Products arriving damaged, or sold as “New” but with signs of use
  • Defective Products

Check your performance notifications to understand the nature of the violation, and the type of documentation Amazon is requesting. When addressing this violation, keep in mind how you will prevent this from happening in the future.

Suspected and Received Intellectual Property Complaints

IP Complaints may come from Rights’ Owners via Amazon. Amazon will determine the severity of the violation and could close the listing or your account. At times, these notifications come from competitors who are trying to sabotage your listings. However, if Amazon questions the IP of your item, ensure that your inventory is purchased from authorized suppliers, and if you’re selling a brand, make sure you have a letter of authorization available.

With their strong customer-first mindset, Amazon takes product authenticity and quality complaints very seriously. Therefore, it is important to remain up to date on their policies and to make sure to be mindful of all aspects of your business that can potentially lead to complaints or violations, from verified product distributors to appropriate storage conditions, and more.

What are the best strategies to recover from policy violations?

  • Review the original Performance Notification to confirm which changes need to be made on your listing
  • Read the Restricted Products Policy – Ensure that your product complies with all laws and regulations and Amazon policies
  • Review all ASINs that were removed for violations
  • Get ready to appeal with great supporting documentation

Next week, we’ll talk more about the Amazon Account Health Dashboard and cover these topics:

  • Listing policy violations
  • Food Safety Policy Violations
  • Customer Product Reviews Policy Violations  – Other Policy Violations

If your account is at risk or you’re facing an ASIN or account suspension, we have some strategies and tools to help!

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