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10 Frequently Asked Questions When Buying An Amazon Seller Account

January 8, 2023
FAQ Amazon Seller Accounts

We know that selling on Amazon can be a series of ups and downs. From the fear of a suspension to the frustration of a high reserve policy. Over time, active and healthy Amazon accounts increase in value and become digital assets that can be purchased and sold. Let’s answer some FAQs of Buying An Amazon Seller Account.

Our clients buy premade Amazon seller Accounts all the time! Before we review all of the advantages, let’s answer some Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it LEGAL to buy An Amazon Seller account?

Yes! Buying an aged Amazon Seller Account is 100% legal and legitimate. Amazon’s Terms of Service allow the selling and buying of Amazon businesses – which will include the transfer of seller accounts.

What are the steps to buying an Amazon Seller account?

At every step of the account purchase process, our team offers full transparency! Here are the steps to buying an Amazon Seller account.

  1. Fill out this questionnaire so we can help understand the type of account you would like to purchase.
  2. We will arrange an agreed time to have an online meeting with one of our Account Managers.
  3. Using a remote desktop application (like Anydesk, or Teamviewer) we will show you accounts that fit your requirements and allow you to Audit accounts in “real time.”
  4. You will receive a legally binding bill of sale that will include all specifics of the transaction. Review and sign the Business and Asset purchase agreement.
  5. We will transfer ownership of the account securely and safely.
  6. Finally, Secure payment will be made via wire transfer or PayPal. Once payment is complete, you will receive a Bill of Sale.
  7. You will receive updated log-in details and can start selling on Amazon!

How do you Keep My Personal Information Secure?

Data security is of primary importance! As part of the seller account purchase, we will transfer your information to your new Amazon Seller Central account.  AIA does not STORE or archive any personal information. Once the transfer is complete, any personal details will be permanently deleted.

How Long Does it take for the new Account to be transferred to my name?

We have developed an encrypted transfer process that is safe, and secure.

  • Once you’ve accepted our offer, we will send you an Asset Purchase Sales Agreement.
  • Once signed, it may take about 3-5 days for the transfer to be complete. With our experience, taking a bit of extra time, and knowing that we’re doing everything right is the best way to help our clients succeed.

Where Do You Source Amazon Seller Accounts to Sell?

We purchase the seller accounts from people who have decided to stop selling on Amazon. Before we purchase any account, we do a 15-step health audit on the account. We check the performance notifications, all customer and buyer feedback, account health ratings, and seller metrics. If accounts can pass our audit, we purchase them, and then we find the right buyer – it could be you!

Can I Buy an Amazon Business from AIA Assets?

At AIA Assets, we specialize in ONLY Amazon Seller Accounts. We do not sell Trademarks, businesses, or inventory. To give you perspective, it’s like purchasing a STOREFRONT, without any merchandise.

What Type of Accounts Can I Choose From?

Aged Amazon Seller accounts are accounts with sales history. These accounts have many benefits over newly created accounts. Choose the metrics that best fit YOUR business:

  • Seller account reviews
  • Amazon approval for certain products, categories
  • No funds reserve policy
  • High IPI
  • SFP eligible

Our clients are interested in expanding and diversifying their businesses. Buying an aged, established account is advantageous over opening a new Amazon Seller account.

How Do you Accept Payment?

Once the asset agreement is signed, you may pay for your purchase via direct bank transfer or PayPal for receiving funds. You will receive a receipt for your purchase.

Are There Any Hidden Brokerage Fees?
We are not brokers. We OWN the accounts we sell. The final price that we offer to the Amazon Account Seller includes all fees. There are no hidden charges.

What are the Advantages of Buying an Aged Amazon Seller Account?

  • REVIEWS. A premium account has a sales history and seller feedback. For example, seller behavior continues on to the newly purchased account. Customers feel confident that they’re purchasing a product from a seller with references. This gives you an advantage over the competition
  • PAYOUTS & RESERVE. It stands to reason that Amazon would keep your selling funds on reserve, and hold back payouts. Customer returns hover at over 50% of purchases, and by keeping funds on reserve, Amazon can “hold” YOUR money to refund customers. But, did you know: that high-quality aged accounts may come with no reserve and daily payouts? Now, that’s awesome!
  • OPEN CATEGORIES. Fierce competition triggers Amazon to be selective about who can sell, and what can be sold. Want to sell toys? You’ll have to go through ungating the toy category first. Passion for selling Disney branded merchandise? Think about choosing another great brand that you’re able to sell without an enormous investment. With an “aged” account, you will have categories ungated, and unrestricted access to many of the most famous brands. Without jumping through hoops to get there!
  • ACCOUNTS WITH SALES HISTORY. Buy today, sell tomorrow! You do not have to worry about facing sales volume suspensions requiring the submission of documentation, and then waiting for the feedback to come through. When you purchase an “aged” account you will never face a velocity suspension!
  • FULLY VERIFIED ACCOUNTS. “Professional”, active, accounts will not have to undergo the verification process again!

Ready to leap into Amazon? Looking to expand and diversify your Amazon business? AIA Assets is your perfect source for Aged Amazon Seller Accounts. Speak to our Account Acquisition team to find the account that’s perfect for you.

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