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Bet Shemesh E-Commerce & Networking Event

November 22, 2022
AIA Assets Bet Shemesh Networking Event

AIA Assets is pleased to invite the Amazon Community to our first Networking event!

If you’re selling online, it’s time to:

Collaborate and

Join Israel Shushan, founder of AIA Assets, for an evening of conversation and connection as we celebrate the INAUGURAL AMAZON & E-COMMERCE BET SHEMESH MEET-UP. Taking place on December 11 at Bobos and Beer (in the industrial zone of Bet Shemesh)

We will chat about triumph, transformation, and the ongoing changes in the E-commerce landscape. Meet entrepreneurs, colleagues, business owners and industry professionals. Feel free to invite your partners and associates!

Whether you’re selling shoelaces or diamonds – If you’re SELLING ONLINE – YOU need to be here!

We’re excited to present our Keynote Speaker for the event, Tomer Rabinovich. Our evening’s topic will be:

How to Maximize Your Profit and Multiple When You Exit

Tomer Rabinovich is a self-taught Amazon business owner and the author of Ride The Amazon Wave, where he shares his journey and provides actionable strategies for active Amazon sellers. As a consultant to some of the biggest names in the online sales industry and a trusted advisor to global aggregator companies, he is passionate about sharing his valuable insights into Amazon selling, Tomer founded Top Dog, a community where advanced sellers come together online, in person, and at live events.

His goal is to extend the opportunity of selling on Amazon to anyone willing to do the work and make their dreams come true.




We can’t wait to see you! (RSVP here)


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