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Amazon Seller Account Verification Suspension

April 18, 2023
suspended after Amazon verification

Amazon Seller Account Verification Suspension

Think back to when you started selling on Amazon – did you have any challenges with the verification process? If you registered your account and the process went smoothly – you’re one of the fortunate ones! To weed out bad actors, Amazon carefully scrutinizes new selling applications, even going as far as making sellers undergo secondary verification or suspending accounts during the registration process. If you receive an email that you’ve been suspended during the Amazon Seller Account Verification process, what can you do?

Don’t Panic

You may receive an email request for additional documents or that your account is “suspended”. This is quite common. It means that the documents you provided were:

  1. Missing – or had conflicting information
  2. Not formatted for Amazon’s specifications
amazon seller verification documents


  1. Use a SCANNER – do not use an app on your phone
  2. Do NOT edit your pictures
  3. Make sure every edge of the document shows
  4. Scan all pages of the same document in ONE file (both sides of your driver’s license, or all pages of your utility bill for example)
  5. Scan – in color – at a high definition (1200 x 1200 dpi) but keep your file size under 50MB
  6. Make sure ADDRESSES are identical on all documentation – check for typographical errors before submitting
  7. Ensure that your full name (including middle name) appears identical on all uploaded documents
  8. When possible, avoid submitting internet service or mobile phone statements as identity proof
  9. All financial documentation must be issued within the past 180 days
  10. Amazon Sellers must be 18 or older

Final Words about Amazon Seller Account Verification

While you may be very excited about the prospect of selling on Amazon – work slowly and methodically. Recheck everything you entered to register to sell on Amazon and the documents you sent Amazon. Amazon’s technology will easily identify any discrepancies, so ensure that everything matches. If you have a middle name on your national ID, then verify that the complete name appears on all supporting documents.

Once you are confident and sure everything is correct, start by crafting your reply to the email from Amazon. Politely and carefully explain that you have reviewed and corrected any issues that caused your account to fail the review process. Attach all the original documents plus the requested ones. Check your email daily to ensure that Amazon is not requesting any additional documentation.

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AIA Assets is here for YOU!

We “speak” Amazonese! At AIA Assets, our verification team is the expert on reading between the lines, to understand exactly what Amazon needs. If you’ve received notification of a suspension, during the verification process – we’re here for you! In fact, we have an entire team devoted to helping sellers with the verification process. Reach out!

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