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Amazon Account Health Assurance Protects Sellers From Deactivation

November 10, 2022
amazon seller account health assurance

When Amazon transitioned from performance compliance ratings of “Poor to Excellent” to Numerical Ratings, it was clear that performance scores under 200 may put an account at risk of suspension and/or deactivation.

Amazon Account Health Rating Aia Assets

Performance Metrics are the key to your seller health rating. ODR (Order Defect Rate) monitors your customer service and is probably the MOST important measurement to gauge your account’s health.

Although FBM and FBA sellers have different targets, the Order Defect Rate applies specifically to FBM sellers, who are accountable for all logistic aspects of order delivery.

But Policy compliance includes a host of other categories including product safety violations, Intellectual property, and listing violations, just to name a few.

What is Amazon Account Health Assurance?

Launched November 16, 2022, the Account Health Assurance program is a newly released benefit available to professional sellers. Currently only open in the United States and Canadian marketplaces, it applies to sellers who consistently achieve a high Account Health Rating of over 250 for at least 6 months. Amazon says,

As long as our team can reach you within 72 hours and you work with us to address the account issues, your selling account will not be deactivated. By knowing that your account health is safe, you can spend more time focused on growing your business

What does this mean for sellers? Sellers with high ratings will be able to dispute and appeal any claims against their account without the fear of having their account temporarily suspended.

Does Your Account Qualify for AHA?

Amazon Account Health Assurance (AHA) is available to professional sellers in the US and Canada who maintain an AHR score of 250 or more for at least 6 months with no more than 10 days below 250. As the AHA dashboard starts appearing in more and more accounts, expect to receive an email confirming your enrollment when eligible. Check your eligibility here:

Amazon Account Health Assurance Aia Assets

Can A Seller Lose Access to AHA?

To continue to be eligible for AHA, the following will need to occur:

  • Within 72 hours of notification, reach out to the Seller Support team to begin understanding the issue
  • Fully resolve any performance issues when working with Account Health Support
  • Preventing the AHR from falling below 250 for more than 10 consecutive days
AHR Amazon Health Assurance Rating

Don’t forget: Even if your account qualifies for Amazon Health Assurance, you could be ejected from the program if Amazon suspects that you engage in defective, fraudulent, or other activities that would put the customer experience or Amazon at risk.

If an Amazon Seller’s greatest fear is suspension, do you think Account Health Assurance is a positive step for Amazon seller support?

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