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Overcoming Your Top Amazon Fears 

September 12, 2023

You’ve leaped into the Amazon marketplace, and you’re in the process of purchasing an Amazon Seller Account from our AIA team. But you have some concerns. So let’s identify your worries and strategize ways of overcoming your top Amazon fears! Our AIA Assets team is here to address and alleviate your stress!

FEAR #1: Violating Amazon’s Terms of Service by Purchasing an Account

One of the biggest worries among Amazon sellers violating Amazon’s terms of service (TOS). Amazon is unforgiving and swift to bring down the hammer on sellers violating its TOS.


You can purchase an established Amazon seller account without violating Amazon’s terms of service. As part of the transfer process, we notify Amazon that a sale and ownership transfer will take place. We will not initiate the transfer until we receive the desired response – permission to transfer the Amazon Seller account.

The account transfer process comes with a legally binding transfer of assets and a bill of sale. You’ll be able to sell on your new account as soon as the transfer is complete – no worries!

FEAR #2: Suspension for Performance and Compliance Issues

One of the biggest seller fears currently is getting suspended by Amazon. Suspension can occur for two main reasons—health performance and violation of Amazon’s Terms of service.

Amazon’s customer-centric philosophy means that you must be aware of all performance metrics and regulations. But don’t let that fear keep you up at night.


When you ensure that your health performance metrics are high (on-time delivery, responding to customers, etc.) you can be confident that your account will retain its excellent health status.

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By purchasing high-quality merchandise, with valid invoices and a reputable supply chain, you can ensure that your products are authentic and your customers will be thrilled with their purchases.

When you purchase an Aged account, there will be no need for a verification process, and with a healthy seller feedback rating, you’ve got the best foundation for success.

Why Should You Purchase an Aged Amazon Seller Account?

Whether you’re a new seller to Amazon, a seller who wants to diversify, or a seller who remains fearful about the selling experience – AIA Assets is here to help EVERY type of Amazon seller successfully grow their online business. It’s time to overcome your fears about selling on Amazon! We sell fully verified well-established Amazon Seller Accounts. Our accounts come:

  1. Fully verified – no need to worry about velocity!
  2. Ungated for many categories – you’ll be able to sell the brands and products you want!
  3. Healthy Account Status and ample seller feedback
  4. Favorable reserve and disbursement terms

Ready to Overcome Your Top Amazon Fears? AIA Assets handles the transfers of Amazon seller account ownership safely, securely, and with Amazon’s permission. 

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