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Your Guide to Amazon Seller Account Ownership Transfers

February 13, 2024
guide to ownership transfers

You’ve decided to buy an Amazon Seller account, what’s next? WE have the detailed guide for you when you’re ready to transfer Amazon Seller Account Ownership smoothly and successfully!

Analyze The Health of the Amazon Seller account

The health of an Amazon Seller Account is based upon an in-depth audit of the account taking the following metrics and qualifying each to establish the price and viability of the account:

  • Store Feedback (amount and percentage positive)
  • Age of the Account
  • Performance Notifications
  • Account health history
  • Ungated categories and brands
  • Payment terms (disbursement and reserve)
  • Marketplaces

If you were to make a large purchase – real estate, for example, chances are good you would use a broker, an attorney, and you would use more than a handshake to secure the deal. When you purchase an account through AIA, our process includes transparency as well as a legally binding purchase agreement. Along the way, you may also include:

  • Attorney – to review all documents
  • Guarantor / Escrow – to keep all payments secure
  • Notifying Amazon of the Sale

What Needs to be transferred to the New Owner?

  • Email Access
  • Updated recovery options (OTP)
  • Passwords
  • Removing User Permissions and signing out any additional users
  • Enable 2-step verification until the process is complete

What PERSONAL information should be changed?

  • Deposit information
  • Previously used Credit Cards
  • Notification Preferences
  • Seller Profile
  • Telephone Numbers


  • The seller will no longer have access to their buyer account. (Which means subscriptions, prime membership, etc.)
  • While the seller may choose to open a new Amazon account, they should not use any of the same credentials as they used for this account – forever.


Your Takeaways…

Whether you’re just launching into the journey of selling on Amazon, or you are ready to open another account, we hope that our guide helps with the detailed transfer process steps.

If you’re ready to make the purchase, reach out to the team at AIA ASSETS. We’ll help you will all the steps – guaranteed! We take away all your worry! We’ll transfer all your personal information safely and securely, notifying Amazon that the seller account will be changing ownership. Typically, we reach out to Amazon through the account health dashboard to let them know of the sale. In our experience, the .com marketplace responds within 3-5 business days. For the European marketplaces, the process is quite simple and no notification to Amazon is needed to transfer account ownership.

When you’re ready to purchase an established Amazon Seller account, AIA Assets will be your first stop. Our team is trained to handle the purchase securely and efficiently- including support each step of the way until your account is ready to sell! Transferring an account is a straightforward and detail-oriented process. If you’ve already purchased an account and need our services to help with the transfer, we’ll walk you through the process!

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