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AIA ASSETS takes a Bite out of the Big Apple!

January 11, 2024
ASGTG Amazon Seller's Event 2024

🍎 Back from the Big Apple with Big News! 🎉

So excited to share that I just touched down from an amazing trip to New York for the 10th annual ASGTG Amazon seller’s trade show. Wow, what an experience! 🗽 The energy, the innovation, and the incredible people I met – it was all top-notch. But here’s the cherry on top: At our show, we hosted a raffle for a giveaway of a $30,000 Premium Amazon Seller’s Account, and I’m thrilled to announce our winner.

Why is a premium Amazon Seller account such a desirable prize? If you’re an Amazon seller, you know the barriers to success:
🌟Slow sales
🌟No buy box
🌟Too much competition
🌟Inability to sell desired brands
🌟Cash Flow Issues

An established Amazon seller account will perform better than a newer one, which can powerfully boost your sales and success! Buying an Amazon Seller Account from AIA Assets is a seller’s strategy to supercharge their Amazon success.

🏆🌟 Drumroll please….huge congratulations go out to Jay Fetman from The Lion Group. You are the winner of a Premium Amazon Account valued at $30,000! We wish you lots of success with your new account! Thank you to everyone especially Ed Rosenberg and the team at ASGTG for making this year’s event outstanding. We enjoyed chatting with everyone who visited our booth, making this trip unforgettable. Our next adventure….Prosper Show in Las Vegas in March!

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