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How Do I Transfer Ownership Of My Amazon Seller Account?

January 31, 2023
transfer ownership amazon seller account

While selling on Amazon is the BEST place for selling your widgets, the transfer ownership of an Amazon Seller Account can be a bit complicated. Is it possible? YES. Is it easy? Not always! Luckily you have the team at AIA to help every step of the way in the ownership transfer process! Let’s answer some of your FAQ’s!

Who is AIA?

AIA Assets are Amazon professionals. With over a decade on Amazon, we have expertise in policy, regulations, and compliance. We will successfully process ownership transfer using the safest and most secure techniques. All steps in the process are secure and protected.

Does Amazon permit account ownership transfer?

AIA is shattering the myth! Amazon seller account transfers do not violate Amazon’s terms of service.  The idea that you cannot transfer Amazon seller accounts is a widespread misconception. To prevent fraud, Amazon states that seller accounts are generally not transferrable. For valid business transactions, Amazon permits account transfers. We always receive authorization for the transfer of ownership. Written approval is received before Seller accounts are sold/transferred. For complex transfers, we seek support from Amazon.

After purchasing an Amazon seller account, can the original account owner gain access?

You will have SOLE access to the new Seller Account. The original owner is unable to access the Amazon Seller Account, Buyer account, nor email account associated. The updated information, including your legal entity and all banking information, is attached to your new Amazon account. You will access your account with your own username, password, and two-factor authentication. As part of this process, the previous owner of the account will never regain access to this account.

How are payments processed?

New banking and credit card information connects you to your new Seller Account.

During the transfer process, we will be updating:

  • Legal entity
  • Credit Card details (for fees)
  • Bank Information (for deposits)
  • User Name & Password
  • Tax Information

Once your personal information is changed, you are the official owner of the account.

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