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Selling Amazon Seller Accounts

November 22, 2022
buying and selling amazon seller accounts

The AIA team brings their extensive e-commerce experience to valuate Amazon seller accounts. Our mission is to ensure the safe, smooth, and secure transfer of Amazon accounts. We understand the variables and nuances that contribute to the value of each account. Our portfolio of premium seller accounts has been valuated based on revenue generation, reviews, age, account health, brand registry, selling categories, and more.

Our ongoing pursuit of providing next-level customer service is what makes us unique. At every stage during the transition, AIA Assets guarantees a streamlined and successful Amazon Seller Account transfer.

Who is Margin Business?

MarginBusiness specializes in assisting Amazon sellers in boosting their sales and enhancing their Amazon business through powerful product listing optimization and translation. We believe that localization is the key to unlocking success in the global market.

Watch as Omar Angri and CEO of AIA Assets, Israel Shushan explain the process of selling Amazon Seller Accounts that will comply with Amazon’s Terms of Service, and keep your data secure.


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