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Grow Your Amazon Business

October 27, 2022

You’ve made the leap to selling on Amazon, and you’re in the process of purchasing an Amazon Seller Account from the AIA team. What type of additional resources will you need to improve and grow your Amazon Business?

Once the account acquisition process is complete, there are some significant additions to your Amazon Seller account that we feel can help your business soar! We’ve decided to highlight three of our esteemed partners, whom we are confident will help you propel your business!

1. LLC Services

Do you need an LLC to sell on Amazon? Let’s start by emphasizing that we recommend that our clients maintain the professional status of their Amazon seller accounts. The $39.99 monthly charge is a small price to pay to receive the following benefits (over an individual account):

  • Flatfile upload of inventory
  • 3rd party services (and API access)
  • In-depth seller reports
  • Buy Box eligibility
  • Selling in restricted categories
  • New product listing pages

While you can sell on Amazon as a sole proprietor, we often recommend our clients open an LLC – Limited Liability Corporation. Choosing to establish an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation), for your Amazon business, gives you a separate legal identity, distinguishing it from your personal assets. This limits your exposure should you be subject to a product liability lawsuit or debts. More importantly, it gives your business credibility.

Is it challenging to set up an LLC? Our partner,, is your all-in-one solution. Forming a US business will also provide you access to setting up a US bank account. When you use a professional service provider for your LLC incorporation and EIN application, you’ll have more time to focus on what you do best – selling!

2. Expanding to the Amazon European Marketplace

Have you thought about expanding into the European marketplace?? Before you leap into EU, there are some considerations to take into account.

a. Translation Services

To list in the European marketplaces you will need your listings, keywords, product titles and descriptions changed into the language to match each marketplace. Most professional sellers will not rely on google translate, but will need the assistance of a professional translating service, with e-commerce experience!

Starting with translation services, Margin Business has the eCommerce expertise to translate your listings and optimize your Amazon marketing efforts to all marketplaces! Ready to learn a bit more about Margin Business? Our Found, Israel Alex Shushan sat down with Omar Angri to talk about expanding!

b. Tax Collection and Remittance

Once you’ve committed to listing in the European Marketplaces – how will you manage VAT? Easy….by adding HelloTax to your Amazon portfolio!!

Here are some HelloTax benefits:

  1. EU VAT Registration & VAT Filings
    Get a VAT number wherever and whenever it’s necessary with our digital VAT Registration Process. Or, you can let the professional accountants at HelloTax take care of every step of the process.
  2. One-Stop-Shop
    VAT in one country? The One-Stop-Shop enables you to take care of all your EU VAT duties in just one country. Simplify your VAT compliance across Europe with OSS.
  3. VAT Automation Software
    Compliance software is what will help automate your filing and payment process. No more worries about deadlines for countries and companies – automation to the rescue!

We are so glad you’ve joined the Amazon Selling Journey. If you’re still on the fence about which Amazon Seller account you want to purchase, contact us – we’ll help you make the decision! Our Partners Are Resources To Help Your Business Soar!!

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