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An Amazon Seller Suspension Can Crash Your Amazon Sales. How You Can Recover?

December 26, 2022
Amazon Seller Suspension

Amazon Sellers are fearful of the dreaded Amazon seller suspension – arriving in your inbox when you least expect it!

In a previous blog, we talked about:

  1. Types of suspensions
  2. Components of your Appeal (Plan of Action)
  3. Paths to prevent future suspensions

In this week’s blog, we’re going to talk about things you SHOULD NEVER do if you find yourself suspended, and some seller suspension myths to avoid.

amazon suspensions steps to reinstatement

Things you should NEVER do if Suspended

Don’t rush to submit your appeal

You’re stressed. Your sales have halted. You’re anxious to get your account reinstated – no matter what it takes. So, take a deep breath. Do your homework to gain an in-depth understanding of the reason for the suspension. Submit a clear, concise, and detailed appeal.

Do not open a second seller account

There are so many reasons to avoid this! If you try to open a second seller account, Amazon’s sophisticated algorithms will likely link the accounts. Your second account may be suspended for “related accounts,” in clear violation of Amazon’s Terms of Service. This is one of the most challenging suspensions to recover from. Your priority: try and get your account reinstated

Do not alter your invoices!

When customers share their dissatisfaction about their purchases, it’s likely an accusation of “inauthenticity.” Inauthentic suspensions have become the most common for Amazon sellers.

To recover from this suspension, you will be asked to provide valid invoices proving the authenticity of the items you’re selling. But sellers unable to provide Amazon with invoices may decide to alter the information. Amazon can’t be fooled. If you’re caught submitting forged or altered invoices, you’ve significantly decreased the chances of reinstatement.

Do Not “Lose Your Cool”

At every stage of your communication with Amazon, ensure that you take a professional tone and avoid language that is emotional, accusatory or inflammatory. Be ready to take responsibility for your mistake, and make the commitment to repair the damage.

Be patient. Although each day your shop is closed is another day’s lost earnings, Amazon does not reveal its timeline for account reviews. If more than 7 days have passed, and you have yet to see a response, follow up.

Some Seller Myths to Avoid

  1. I’m a good seller, I will never be suspended.” Just as in life, bad things happen to good people! You can be the type of seller that educates themselves on all of Amazon’s policies yet….
  • A competitor could try to sink your business
  • Malicious customers are intent on sabotage
  1. “I’m suspended. I’ll never get my account back.” If you are aware of your target metrics, and your customer service rating is high, yet still get suspended, then you will quickly address the issue(s). The better you understand the root cause, the more likely you’ll be able to immediately enact changes, and then rectify and correct to prevent future mistakes.
  2. I sell millions of dollars per year; Amazon would NEVER suspend me.” Although a lovely thought, if you’re not keeping your customers thrilled, your bottom line makes no difference.

But we’d like to share the potentially good news, in mid-November, Amazon launched Amazon Health Assurance (AHR).  Currently only open in the United States and Canadian marketplaces, it applies to sellers who consistently achieve a high Account Health Rating of over 250 for at least 6 months. Amazon says, “As long as our team can reach you within 72 hours and you work with us to address the account issues, your selling account will not be deactivated.”

Final Thoughts

Having a backup account is a strategy for sellers that may help you sleep at night. When you purchase a healthy, second seller account, from our team, your business will continue to run smoothly – even with a suspension. Minimize your risk and start scaling faster and more efficiently.

What does this mean? Keeping your seller account in good standing could significantly reduce your odds of an Amazon Seller suspension. And while that’s not NEW news, the idea of keeping seller health transparent and improving sellers’ abilities to communicate with Amazon. That’s good news for all Amazon sellers.

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