aia assets

AIA Assets purchases Amazon Seller accounts directly from Amazon Account Sellers.

Our aged Amazon seller accounts have no inventory.

Buy an aged Amazon Seller Account from the experts

We handle the sale and transfer the ownership to the new account buyers
Our team has devised a streamlined and secure procedure for facilitating the transfer of Amazon Seller Accounts. We meticulously handle all necessary documentation to ensure a seamless transition.
We Source Amazon Buyer and Amazon Seller Accounts across the globe!
Connected with Amazon Sellers worldwide, we are not brokers. We own every account we purchase, ensuring that the accounts are in good health, and are actively selling.
We are the largest source of Amazon Seller accounts
As the authority in the industry, we are the trusted provider of Amazon Seller accounts, boasting unparalleled expertise and an extensive inventory.
Our customers are Agencies and professional sellers
We speak “Amazonese” and understand the specific rules and procedures for transferring seller accounts. We comply with all of Amazon’s terms of service to avoid issues or potential suspensions.
Our verified Amazon seller accounts have great health & selling history.
We will provide you with the account's seller metrics, performance data, customer feedback, brand and category approvals, and sales history. You can evaluate these metrics to gauge the account's reputation and performance.
Each account has been evaluated and inspected and before being added to our catalogue.
Each account has been evaluated and inspected and before being added to our catalogue. Confidently purchase an Amazon Seller Account from AIA Assets.

Why is an Amazon Seller Account Valuable?

There are many variables and nuances that contribute to the value of an account! We analyzing every aspect of the accounts we sell including feedback, age of the account, disbursement and payment schedule, account health, ungated brands or categories, brand registery and more!
Even accounts with NO revenue – they are sought out and desirable digital assets!

We buy YOUR digital real estate!

Why should YOU buy an Aged Amazon Seller Account?

What Makes AIA Different?

High-Level Customer Service

We offer full transparency

And are always available to answer any questions. We view accounts using screen share so no confidential data can be breeched.

Money Back Guarantee

If you have any issues that we cannot resolve, contact us for your money back. No questions asked.

Risk-Free Purchase

Each account is fully audited before you make your purchase.

Safe and Secure

We encrypt all personal and sensitive information during the transaction.

Years of Amazon experience ensure that the transfer process is smooth and efficient.

Sell your Amazon account and get paid immediately.

No delay. All transactions are completed within 2 – 3 days.